Hill Climb Racing Game Play

The basic version of Hill Climb Racing is free of cost & it involves the player driving their 4×4 up the mountains, through the bridges, down the mountains clockwise. In the path you gather fuel & coins. If you drive too slowly then you may run out of the fuel; if you drive to fast then you may flip your vehicle over breaking the neck of poor hillbilly. At this point your game is over & you need to start over once again.

With the help of your coins (along with the bonus cash from flips & jumps) you will be able to upgrade your jeep’s engine, suspension, 4×4 system as well as tires. These gets more and more expensive as the player continues their upgrades.

Every single level (in total, there are 14 levels) has a variety of stages. You will receive your reward the very first time you go through every point.

In addition, you will see that there are14 vehicles in the game, 13 of these are required to be unlocked. These include quad bikes & motorbikes all the way to the hovercraft (that is priced at 1,000,000 coins) & snow mobile.

You will be able to earn a decent number of coins by playing this game regularly as well as watching the adverts in order to gain 5,000 reward. However you will very soon realize that in order to unlock majority of the vehicles & levels, you will need to make in-app purchases for buying additional coins.

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Your main focus must be to master the controls of this game. This way you could easily go past the steep hills which you formerly thought unimaginable & cover all the ground at a much faster pace.

The game has only an accelerator & a brake, so it is important that you use it sensibly in order to prevent the off roaders from making forward/backward rolls.

Taking into account how popular this game has become in the past, we expect the creators of this game take note of the feedback of all the players. One request which almost every player would want to see executed is listening to your personal music rather than the maddening repetitive music inside the game (it sounds well in the initial few minutes only). The second one is the feature to synchronize all your game progress between the devices (for instance, there is no support center for the game on iOS platform).

The game is currently available for free on Android & iOS devices. This is a game which you must download right now.